2020 New Years Resolutions

So much happened in 2019- the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is so much I learned and I want to start by sharing my two biggest lessons of 2019. Learning some of these things helped me throughout the year so I'm hoping it just may help someone else.

1. Learn to think outside the box. Put yourself in other peoples shoes- It's the most basic thing to do and once you practice this skill more often, it'll become second nature to you. Literally think "What's going on with them and how would I react if I were them". Our instincts tell us to do the complete opposite- always look after yourself. Thinking from another point of view doesn't mean yours has to change. It actually makes you more of a diverse individual and gives you the ability to approach problems in ways most people don't. Enjoy! 2. Opportunity comes from the place you least expect- GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE (also a lesson I learned in 2019) So often we sit around waiting to great this to happen or expect great things to happen only when life is going great- you couldn't be more wrong! Quit focusing on what you’re getting out of every situation. You’ll never know where your next opportunity is coming from, so be a nice to everyone you meet and stay on your A game at all time! Watch the magic work

Today is not just another “today” but the first page (well one of the first pages 😹) of your Chapter 2020. If you're anything like me - super indecisive- you may not have a set list of resolutions like everyone else. & here's the thing , that's OK! No matter how you start the year, just know you are enough! Take this first week into the new year to relax, meditate (It works I swear!) & prepare yourself for awesomeness! Sit down and do a few things from this list:

1. Delete old text messages 2. Clean up your contacts (delete old numbers) 3. Delete old pictures (I have 4k + pictures and 1,100 videos :] )  4. Change your phones wallpaper 5. Edit your followers

​Wishing you success and nothing but the best this new year. Cheers to a new decade!


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