Cheers to 10 Years! I'll Miss You Guys!

Happy Fri-yay Everyone!

....and yes it's still happy because I'm not really going anywhere. Gotcha!

This is, however, still a sad blog for me to post as my FAVORITE brunch spot in Chicago has announced that they will not be re-opening their doors. I can literally cry real tears right now. If you know me, you know I love BRUNCH- the activity AND the restaurant. My BF and I were just looking to book reservations there then I saw this message! So sad and very unfortunate.

I'm definitely going to miss my Breakfast Nachos, Big Daddy Mimosas and that delicious Fruity Peeble French Toast!

So today, instead of putting out my regular blog post I've decided to do a special tribute to one of Chicago's DOPEST brunch spots! Here's a review that I published for the at the beginning of last year. Whether you've been to Brunch before or not, check it out! Cheers to 10 years of amazing food and phenomenal customer service!


Brunch in Chicago is basically a weekend ritual, most popular in the summer time but who said you couldn't brunch in the winter. It's the best time to be inside, indulging in comfort foods washed down with tasty mimosas. Count me in! Brunch, the restaurant, is definitely on the hit list. If you haven't been here yet, I highly suggest you treat yourself! Here's why:

The space was super cozy and chic with  a mixture of exposed brick walls and floor to ceiling glass windows.

The walls were decorated with cute signs and posters all representing the fun in brunchin'

Disclaimer- I've been to Brunch one hundred million times and finally decided to do a blog review on this gem. Normally, I would get the Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls as a starter and the Chi-Town Skillet as my entree paired with their bottomless mimosas, of course!

However, I decided to try something new and I was not at all disappointed. Our waitress said they were a hit, so I tried them.....AMAZING!! I am a sucker for all things sweet and the Fruity Pebble French Toast definitely did the trick!

I was pretty skeptical about the The Breakfast Nachos- waffle fries? chorizos? eggs? cheese? sour cream?...all together? Normally not my cup of tea.  Imagine my surprise when I bit into the nachos and it happened to be the best combination since PB & J! What have I been missing my entire 25 years of living!? Yum!

My entreé consisted of the traditional- eggs with cheddar cheese, bacon, diced potatoes, and wheat toast. Simple, yet a classic favorite and easily one of the meals I crave daily. 

Lastly, the drinks! Because let's be honest, whats brunch without mimosas?!

"Brunch without mimosas is just a sad breakfast"

The one thing I love about Brunch is that they don't serve you the typical OJ + Champagne mimosas. You're offered the option to select different flavors to mix with your champagne. We chose- OJ, Lemonade, Papaya, and Cranberry. I'll be the first to say, I HATE CRANBERRY JUICE. It brings back way to many memories of college parties with nasty hangovers (LOL). However, the cranberry mixed with champagne was PERF! Highly recommend trying it. They also provide you with the entire bottle of champagne to pour your own troubles. I absolutely love this because I don't feel like I'm being served watered down mimosas. You get your moneys worth, for sure! 

I'll rate Brunch- A

Will I go back? Of course!

Our waitress was super friendly and made sure we had everything we need. From her suggestions to her patience with my dates indecisiveness (lol), she made us feel welcomed and wanting to come back! But don't take my word for it, go try it yourself! Tell them Ashley sent you :) 

Until next time. Happy Brunchin' folks!


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